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1. Adolph Ber
Thought to have married a sister of Mary Linden (wife of his brother Isidore)

2. Isidore Ber  b. 1857/1858, d. August 21, 1923
m. Mary Linden b. 1856/1857, d. September 14, 1931
Thought to have immigrated from Alsace-Lorraine with his brother Adolph. Spoke English, French & German and thought to have worked as a court translator in Des Allemands, LA

Isidore Ber and Mary Linden had the following children:

  1. Louis Ber.
  2. Henry Isidore Ber.
  3. Adolph Ber.
  4. George Ber.
  5. Raoul D. Ber.
  6. Earl Ber.
  7. Estelle Ber [Stella]
  8. Mamie Ber.
  9. Blanche Ida Ber.
  10. Annie Ber.
  11. Lillian Ber.